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Hello is a mobile technology company from Stuttgart, Germany. We’ve used years of experience in building apps and complex HTML5 layouts to bring you our Digital Magazine Publishing System, the most advanced way to publish native & web publications.


Digital Magazine Publishing System

Where technology meets design


Responsive page- & scroll-based templates for each major screen group. Your content needs to look perfect on every smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

Smart Layout

Our technology contextually understands content and dynamically pairs it with the perfect template for the exact size of the user’s screen.


Optimizing retina images? Offline caching? Animation speed? Touch vs mouse input? HTML5? You don’t have to worry about that any more – even on older devices.


Future-oriented modular design that never gets old. Easily add different page transitions or interactive widgets for graphs, charts, galleries or animations.


Integrate our cloud-based API directly into your own workflow and publish web magazines & native iOS, Android or Win8 apps from your existing CMS.


No need to choose any more – you can have the same magazine running in the browser and in every major app store. Multiple issues in an editions app too!


Cross-browser and multi-platform

Connect with your users everywhere

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    Apple iOS

    Distribute your publication as a native iOS app in Apple App Store and at the same time have it work perfectly in the browser on any iPhone or iPad.

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    Huh, thousands of devices, screens and browsers? Not a problem – we love Google Play Store and those quirky Android browsers too! Even the older ones.

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    Whether downloading a Windows Marketplace app or browsing a web magazine on your Microsoft Surface – we’ve got you covered. Keyboard or touch – it just works!

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    Amazon’s ecosystem and potential is huge! We’ll publish your magazine as a native app in Amazon Appstore or have it work as a webapp on Kindle Fire.

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    The same webapp in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer – on Windows or MacOS? Yup, it just works – on smartphones, tablets and desktop too!


What can you do with

Our products & services

Custom Magazines

Turn your publication into an interactive app

We love beautiful magazines. We love them so much that we poured years of research into our own development framework just to make apps run faster and better on every platform and browser.

User experience, attention to detail and great design all need to come together to make something that your users are going to love. So you see, we don’t simply make apps – we craft them!

Work with our designers to translate your new or existing print publications into the most beautiful apps you’ve seen anywhere! And then watch our developers make your ideas come to life.

Enterprise Solutions

Integrate our API into your workflow

Connect a content management system with our API to extend and automate your digital publishing workflow. Select articles from the database and publish them as apps for iOS, Android, Win8 & Amazon Kindle Fire in minutes, or distribute webapps via email or social media. Reuse existing content and templates to publish digital magazines faster or customize them for individual events, clients and partners.

Need a better way to distribute documents or individual issues to mobile users? Our Editions Kiosk Framework has you covered there too – push content directly and securely to the user’s device or connect it with different marketplaces and payment gateways.

Corporate Publishing Ideas

Captivate your audience on every platform

Beautiful long-form content with individually designed pages and an emphasis on typography and multimedia – digital magazines are a perfect way to tell stories attuned to the way people consume content today on smartphones, tablets and desktops. These are not only your classical magazines, but any modern interactive publication such as:

  • customer, corporate or internal employee magazines
  • training materials, guides and brochures
  • annual, financial and other reports
  • catalogues or other interactive documents where your customers can interact with the content
  • future channels like smart TVs or consoles

We have some amaaazing things coming soon!

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We're a bunch of creative people

with way too many mobile devices grew out of a mobile performance and digital publishing research project conducted at the University of Media Stuttgart as part of the EXIST excellence initiative from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Our technology was awarded the 2015 “Young Innovators” award from the Ministry of Science and Art Baden-Wurttemberg and has also earned us the title of Axel Springer Media Entrepreneurs for fostering innovation and digital transformation.

But enough about us – lets talk about you!

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Meet the Team

  • Its not just about building apps – its about building digital experiences that make your brand stronger!

    David - Founder

  • Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

    Veljko - Founder

  • I � Unicode.

    Dario - Frontend Developer

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, an interface is worth a thousand pictures.

    Valeria - Frontend Designer

  • In theory, there ought to be no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.

    Marin - Server Developer

  • To understand what recursion is, you must first understand recursion.

    Bruno - System Architect

  • The city’s central computer told you? R2D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer!

    Nikica - Server Developer

  • Perl: The only language that looks the same before and after RSA encryption.

    Davor - Developer Generalist


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